• Brendan

Welcome to Thirteen PM Studios!

This is an exciting time for us over here. We have the beat store live as of today with six new instrumentals, and our first sound pack will be out by march 1st!

If you haven't listened, we have the last project of 13:PM, Lay of the Land of the Lost, up as well on sale for download for just $5 till march 1st!

As for sales, to celebrate the store launch, we are going in with 25% of all of the store beats. Tell your friends!

That's all for tonight, but just a little bit of what to expect from the blog coming forward:

- upcoming shows

- New Projects 13:PM or Thirteen PM Productions is engaging with

- weekly artist spotlights

- weekly production tips, with monthly themes

- General Changes to social media and website updates

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

We are just getting started!

- Brendan

17 Medford St
Medford, Middlesex County 02155

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