As some of you may know, Thirteen PM Productions is a MA based operation. Being located outside of Boston, with the current COVID-19 outbreaks in our state, things are tense, people are anxious, and it feels the worst is yet to come. This is part of why we are asking directly for your support. The best thing you can do is listen (streaming links below) and tell your friends about 13PM- However-

we are currently offering OVERTHINKER as a DL for a super low price of $4 on band camp! 

we also accept donations, that go directly into more content and most importantly, getting more music to the people. 

 Thank you, 

and much love and strength to everyone struggling through these trying times. We will see the other side with wider eyes, this I promise. 


All that being said... don't feel pressure to pull out the wallet if you don't truly want to. the best way you could show support in my eyes, will to always be this.

Enjoy the Music!

Which is available on all these streaming platforms, Youtube included! Click below to vibe.  

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